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AAR Hospital Whistleblower Service

At AAR Hospital, credibility is one of the key pillars guiding our decision-making process, as enshrined in our values and ethical guidelines..

We work continuously to promote high ethical standards and combat corruption, and other serious irregularities. We are cognizant of the inherent risks a whistle-blower may face, which may include victimization e.g. in the case of company employees or threat to life in extreme cases. To protect the whistle-blower from such risks, we have provided a reporting channel in which individuals anonymously report suspected irregularities.

AAR Hospital whistleblowing service is an encrypted web solution, which leads to a closed system provided by a third party. The purpose of this service is not to replace internal information and reporting channels, but to complement them.

If you wish to report serious irregularities anonymously Click here to access our reporting form.

If you do not wish to be anonymous, you may contact AAR Hospital through the contact information available here