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Free Cleft Lip and Palate Medical Camp

What happened:
AAR Hospital, in partnership with Love Without Reason organized a weeklong medical camp between 19 and 23 June. The camp began with a screening day on 19 June during which eligible patients were identified and assessed for necessary surgical interventions.
Subsequently, the surgeries were conducted, ensuring that each child received the appropriate medical
care required to correct their condition.

Why does it matter?
The primary goal of the camp was to address the pressing healthcare needs of children born with cleft
lips and palates, offering them free surgical corrections to enhance their quality of life.
AAR Hospital has consistently strived to make a positive impact on the community through various
initiatives. In line with this mission, the hospital partnered with Love Without Reason, an international
NGO dedicated to transforming lives through healthcare, education, and support for marginalized
In addition to surgical interventions, the camp adopted a comprehensive approach to care. It included
dental care, speech therapy, counseling services, and post-operative support to ensure the holistic well-being of the children. By addressing the medical, emotional, and social aspects of their condition, the camp aimed to create a positive and sustainable impact on these children's lives.

Who was there and what did they say:
The camp was led by Dr. Ken Muema, CEO at AAR Hospital, Dr. Aysha Edwards, Head of Clinical
Services at AAR Hospital, and Elizabeth Njenga, Executive Director at Love Without Reason Kenya.
"The Free Cleft Lip and Palate Medical Camp exemplifies our dedication to social responsibility and
community engagement," stated Dr. Ken Muema, CEO at AAR Hospital "We believe that no child should
be denied essential healthcare due to financial constraints. By partnering with Love Without Reason, we
aim to bridge this gap and provide the necessary surgical corrections to children in need, empowering
them for a brighter future."
"In our country, there is a significant number of children born with abnormalities of the lip or palate who
are unable to afford the necessary surgical correction," explained Elizabeth Njenga, Executive Director
at Love Without Reason Kenya "As a result, they face lifelong stigma due to these treatable conditions.
Our aim with this camp is to provide these children with free surgeries, enabling them to lead lives free
from the burden of stigma and allowing them to fulfill their potential."