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AAR Hospital Medical Centres Exclusive Partnership with Tatu City

What happened:

On 26 July, AAR Hospital Medical Centres was officially announced as Tatu City's exclusive provider of emergency healthcare services. The announcement was made during a gathering at Tatu City.

Why does it matter?

At AAR Rescue, our commitment to providing swift and dependable emergency response is at the heart of our operations. We understand that during life-threatening situations, every second counts. To meet this demand, we have stationed an Advanced Life Support (ALS) four-wheel drive ambulance permanently within Tatu City's borders. This strategic placement allows us to significantly reduce response time and ensures quick accessibility during emergencies.

Our ALS ambulance adheres to both local and international ambulance standards, equipped with cutting-edge technology and life-saving medical equipment. 

We have also established a seamless communication network that allows us to coordinate with local authorities and medical facilities, including but not excluded to the AAR Hospital and medical centres, therefore facilitating a swift transfer of patients when necessary. 

Who was there and what did they say

The event was attended by Ms. Elizabeth Wasunna, General Manager at AAR Hospital Medical Centres, Dr. Ken Muma, Chief Executive Officer at AAR Hospital and Perminas Marisi, Head of City Management at Tatu City.

Speaking during the event, Ms. Elizabeth Wasunna, General Manager at AAR Hospital Medical Centres said,” Tatu City is not just an economic zone; it is a vibrant community of people living, working, and studying here – all contributing to the shared success of a great community. AAR Hospital Medical Centres shares the same vision of fostering a safe and healthy environment for everyone.  Our partnership with Tatu City goes beyond just providing emergency healthcare services; it is a commitment to contribute to the well-being of the community. While emergencies might not be avoided, we are great champions of preventing diseases through proactive measures and promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

Perminas Marisi, Head of City Management at Tatu City, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating, “The safety and well-being of our residents, businesses and visitors are of utmost importance to us at Tatu City.