Welcome to AAR Hospital

A Legacy of Health Care

AAR hospital is a 140-bed general hospital.  We have an outpatient facility that has been purposefully separated from the urgent care unit. The urgent care unit is designed to receive patients who are in critical condition and need immediate and specialized care. The outpatient unit is for the walk-in patient who needs care without having to wait for a more urgent case to be reviewed. The dialysis Center has ten ultra-modern dialysis seats specifically designed for the comfort of the patient with several settings the patient can choose from. The doctor’s plaza that is within the hospital has the best doctors in different specialties at arm’s length for the convenience of the patients and the patients’ families.

The critical care unit consists of a fully equipped intensive care unit with twelve beds supported with a nine-bed high dependency unit and a five cot neo-natal unit These are supported by four operating theater rooms. There is a surgical ward and a medical ward. Maternity, gynecology, and pediatric wards round up the ward complement. It is worth noting within each ward, the rooms are divided into a single bed, two beds, three beds, and the largest four-bed units all ensuite. The design of the wards ensures the dignity and privacy of the patients even in our “general four bedrooms”.

AAR Hospital’s mission is to deliver an unparalleled patient experience through a customer-centered approach that leverages on innovation and an engaged workforce.

Our Values