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Our laboratory is registered and licensed to operate at class F by Ministry of health under The Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologist Board (KMLTTB)

The laboratory is equipped with high-end ultramodern equipment that helps us offer timely, Accurate, and precise laboratory reports.

Our team comprises of highly trained, dedicated, and competent pathologists and laboratory technologists.

The laboratory operates 24 hours per day for both inpatient and outpatient services.

We offer both routine and specialized laboratory services under the following sections.

  • Haematology & Coagulation
  • Blood transfusion & Blood bank
  • Microbiology & Molecular Biology
  • Biochemistry & Serology
  • Histology & Cytology

Rehabilitative Services


Specialist Clinics

Paediatric Services

Well baby & Travel Vaccine

Surgical Services

Executive Clinics

Pharmacy Services

Related Services

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