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Laboratory Services

Our Laboratories are your trusted partner in evidence-based medicine. Our Outpatient Centres boast fully-fledged KMLTTB registered and licensed medical testing laboratory units, ensuring the highest standard of diagnostic testing for our clients.

Guided by ISO 15189 – 2012 standards, our laboratory’s qualified medical laboratory technologists maintain strict quality and competency through standardized procedures and regular audits. We prioritize accuracy and reliability, with exceptional performance in external quality programs and impressive equipment from prequalified suppliers.

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Laboratory Services

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Available tests:

Class D

  • Hematological tests (Complete blood count, ESR, Reticulocytes, PBF, Coagulation studies etc.)
  • Biochemistry (Liver function Tests, Kidney function Tests, Essential minerals etc.)
  • Special Chemistries (Thyroid function tests, CRP)
  • Immuno-serological tests (Infectious diseases e.g. Hepatitis, HIV, Adenovirus, Rotavirus, H.pylori etc and blood typing)
  • Parasitological tests (Blood parasites e.g. Malaria, Enteric parasites e.g. Worms, Amoeba etc.)
  • Microbiological tests (Culture and drug sensitivity tests)

Class E in addition to all above

  • Special Chemistries (Thyroid function tests, Fertility hormones, Cancer Markers, Cardiac Markers, Toxicology, etc)

Class F in addition to all above

  • Molecular Biology testing PCR (Covid-19, Viral Load etc)

Get in touch with us for more information:

+254 709 701000 / +254 730 655000

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